Perfect Pizza Dough Recipe

Pizza is one of the simplest dishes you can make as a home baker. After you learn how to make this SUPER tasty sourdough pizza crust you’ll never get store-bought dough again. This pizza crust recipe uses type 00 flour, the finest grind of flour capable of being produced by the flour mill. Type 00 flour also yields a crispier pizza crust with a better ability to stand up to heavy working, you know, like being thrown around in the air!

This is a dough that yields two large pizzas, or four mini-doughs for personal pan pizzas. Making mini-doughs is great for beginners, so you can get a feel for working with the texture of the dough, and go big the next time you work with this recipe.

If you are completely new to bread making, check out my Bread Class.

Follow along for the tastiest bake of all, and enjoy dazzling your friends with this slightly sour and ever-so-slightly-salty homemade pizza crust.

Step 1: Tools & Ingredients

To follow along with this lesson, you will need the following.


Bowl scraper
Bench scraper
Plastic food containers
Pizza stone or cast iron combo cooker
Pizza peel or light-weight wooden cutting board
Pizza cutter
Cooling rack

100 grams fully risen sourdough starter (prepare this a day ahead of time)
375 grams water, divided into 325 and 50-gram amounts – 80-82 degrees
450 grams white flour or type 00 pizza flour
75 grams whole wheat flour
10-12 grams salt
Pizza toppings! You choose!

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